Books & Other Media

The End of Stress as We Know It – McEwen, B.

An informative, well written and comprehensive book on the biology of stress

Wherever You Go There You Are– Kabatt-Zinn, J.

An insightful guide to meditation for absolute beginners.  Authored by the founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of  Massachusetts Medical Center

Full Catastrophe Living – Kabatt-Zinn, J.

An in depth guide to mindfulness meditation, stress and stress reduction, based on the program taught at Jon Kabatt-Zinn’s Stress Reduction Clinic

The Relaxation Response – Benson, H.

A groundbreaking book when first published in 1974.  Still an excellent source on the biology of stress and how to elicit the relaxation response through simple meditative techniques

Breathing.: The Master Key to Self Healing –  Weill, A.

A beginners guide to breath work for overall health enhancement

Dialectical behavior therapy in private practice: A practical and comprehensive guide – Marra, T.

Mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy for depression – Segal, Z., Williams, J., & Teasdale, J.

The wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness – Chodron, P.

The art of happiness: A handbook for living – Dalia Lama & Cutler, H

Insight meditation: The practice of freedom – Goldstein, J

Seeking the heart of wisdom – Goldstein, J., & Kornfield, J.

Destructive emotions: How can we overcome them? – Goleman, D.

Wherever you go there you are: Mindfulness mediation in everyday life. – Kabat-Zinn, J.

A path with heart: A guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life – Kornfield, J.

The revolutionary art of happiness – Salzberg, S.

Training the mind and cultivation loving-kindness – Smith, J.

The principles of Buddhist mediation – Kalupahana, D.

Meditation (Volume 1) –  Chidvilasananda, G.