Mind and body are intimately connected and endlessly interactive with each other.  Health can never be reduced to looking at just one part of a human being.

In 1990, I began studying Yoga and meditation.  They have become part of my self-care practice, as well as being a part of the way I look at treatment of human beings.  The Eastern meditative traditions have vast knowledge of the workings of  the mind and body for the purposes of healing and enlightenment.

Even if our goals are more modest and are mostly focused on becoming happier, the Eastern psychologies have many interesting techniques that are beneficial for most of us.  Interestingly enough, modern neuroscience has been discovering many similar truths on how “the mind really works” as have been practiced in the meditative traditions for over 2000 years.

In my work, I try to combine these Eastern meditative techniques with Western psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques.