Exercise is vital.  Our bodies are made to move.

Hundreds of studies have shown the benefits of regular exercise for overall health, wellbeing and mood.  Exercise is one of the most powerful antidepressants and anti-anxiety treatments.

But every exercise is only as good as the one you are actually doing.  If you enjoy running, run.  If you enjoying swimming or Yoga, swim or do Yoga.

Walking is a wonderful exercise that may have almost the same benefits as running.  The latest research shows that long periods of increased heart rate during exercise may not be as important as previously thought.  In Europe, where gyms are not as popular as in the US, people do more things themselves:  there are no drive thrus (movement), groceries do not get delivered, people carry them home (weight lifting), people walk more (as do most New Yorkers).  Cleaning your apartment can be a combination of flexibility training, endurance and strength training.